• Design
  • Listen
  • Analyze
  • Take Action


Alterna CX’s Self Service Portal is designed to enable professionals design and manage customer experience and market research operations from start to launch on their own without the need to contact technical teams.

Journey Oriented Measurement Design

Measure your customers’ lifecycle steps, journeys, between channels, at individual touchpoints.

Other Systems and Data

Bring your old data with you. Easily import your existing data into Alterna CX Platform. We can import customer experience survey data from other systems easily.


In-the-moment Transactional Listening

Get the full picture on what customers think about you right after the point of transaction, at any touch point using any channel. Supported channels include SMS, live agent, web, mobile app, push notification and social media


Relational Listening

Listen to customer perception on relational factors vis a vis competition or get customer input on market research initiatives such as offers, new products and campaigns. Supported channels include live agent, IVR, e-mail, web, mobile app, social media


Social Media

What customers are talking about your brand in social media, transformation of these conversations into actionable insights


Predictive Listening

Discover what the silent majority thinks with our predictive modeling. Predict satisfaction of customers who could not be reached through surveys and take action


Emotional Curve

With the “Emotional Curve’ technology, you can view customer journeys as a whole and manage omnichannel experiences dynamically.

Journey Drivers

Ability to identify drivers and correlations among attributes for actionable improvement insight. Identify the 20% of improvement areas that drive 80% of your performance. Track your performance continuously. Get real-time feedback on how to increase your NPS score.


Financial Impact Tracker

Without a visible impact, customer experience may become a ‘soft’ subject in C-level priority list. Analyze and understand the monetary relation among service attributes. Calculate how much value is incrementally gained or lost through changes in customer satisfaction. On a daily basis.

Text Analytics

Purpose driven analysis of written customer feedback such as categorizing into actionable buckets, or predicting lifestyles for marketing.

Real Time Reporting and Dashboard

Get the full picture of your company and understand your KPI’s easily, real-time with Alterna CX. Reporting customer experience performance at both operational and executive level.



Understanding what customers really think about you is good but not enough. Customers also expect action. Get noticed immediately when your scores drop to critical levels and automatically assign improvement processes. Predict potential issues before they ever happen by raising alarms on low scores and triggering tasks for improvement loops to related parties in organization.