• Design
  • Listen
  • Analyze
  • Act


Alterna CX’s Self Service Portal is designed to enable professionals design and manage customer experience and market research operations from start to launch on their own without the need to contact technical teams.

Journey Oriented Measurement Design

Measure your customers’ lifecycle steps, journeys, between channels or at individual touchpoints.  Use Alterna CX’s smart flows and best practice libraries to optimize response quality.

Multi Channel Communication Management

Manage communication mix including channels, communication frequencies and schedules. Manage opt-out’s and opt-in’s. Execute rules at research or customer level to balance customer communication preferences and response rates.

Quota and Representation Management

Design and manage customer experience and market research quotas.

Other Systems and Data

Bring your old data with you. Easily import your existing data into Alterna CX Platform. We can import customer experience survey data from other systems easily.

Operations control and data quality tracking

Track the entire operation from data quality reports to response rates and survey delivery statistics from the system or get notified through your inbox.


In-the-moment Transactional Listening

Get real time feedback from customers across their journeys from 10+ channels including SMS, IVR, live agents, web sites and mobile apps


Relational Listening

Listen to customer perception on relational factors vis a vis competition or get customer input on market research initiatives such as offers, new products and campaigns.


AI based Social Media Classification

Go beyond negative or positive labeling in social media and categorize unstructured data into ‘actionable buckets’ – such as a journey stage, touch point and an experience


Predictive Listening

Discover what the silent majority thinks with our predictive modeling. Predict satisfaction of customers who could not be reached through surveys and take action


Emotional Curve

With the “Emotional Curve’ technology, track customer journeys as a whole and manage omnichannel experiences dynamically.

Real Time Dashboards for Different Roles

From top management level enterprise KPI’s to journey level heatmaps, Alterna CX’s role based reporting enables everyone in the organization track and understand customer experience performance

Text Analytics

Sentiment analysis and action-based categorization of customer feedback in unstructured text coming from: Social media, open-ended questions in surveys, app reviews or customer complaints

Performance Management for the Enterprise

Different levels in the organization from managers to employees can track their targets, monitor individual improvement areas and take actions


Financial Impact Tracker

Without a visible impact, customer experience may become a ‘soft’ subject in C-level priority list. Analyze and understand the monetary relation among service attributes. Calculate how much value is incrementally gained or lost through changes in customer satisfaction. On a daily basis.



Set business rules across channels and notify the responsible parties in your organization when customer experience drops to critical levels.


Right after a low or high customer feedback, automatically initiate validation calls from Alterna CX and identify root causes of low performance


Trigger tasks for improvement loops directly from survey feedback (such as a detractor) or classifed text from survey free texts or other text based sources